Our Team

HELLO SIOUX FALLS, We are here!!! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out.

Stephanie Rinne


My name is Stephanie Rinne, I am the Regional Manager, and am so incredibly excited to bring Creative Spirits to the Sioux Falls and surrounding area. Barb Clayton, the owner, is an amazing person to work for and I am so thankful that she chose Sioux Falls for her second location. We searched for the perfect studio location and found it with our Downtown Studio on Main Street across from Great Western Bank.  The art industry is really expanding in this area and we wanted to help contribute. We want to focus on keeping it local and do so by hand picking our artists from this area.

I dove into this paint and sip industry full force and am ready to go. I attended my first class with in Spirit Lake and was addicted right away. I also surprised my parents who both stated they “can’t even draw a stick person” and boy were they impressed with how simple it was and with the outcome of their paintings. I must admit my favorite part was the fun memories we created that day. I am looking forward to bringing those special moments to others as well. However, I wouldn’t be able to do this if it wasn’t for my artists. Creative Spirits has some very talented and passionate artists and know we will have fun, energetic paintings for everyone to enjoy. I am so proud and honored to have all of them as part of the Creative Spirit team.

I would also like to introduce you to our part time artists  Amy, Melissa, Chelsey, Mavis and Kim . These ladies are just as creative and talented and with all of their expertise I am confident we have a very strong team to bring you all the paintings you will take pleasure in creating.

To assure you are supported during the event we have Amazing Artists who also work as Event Coordinators and bring the fun to the event! These lovely Event Coordinators make sure you have enough paint when you need, walk around and answer questions, they make sure the music is bumpin and that you have a great time with us! Thank you to artists mentioned above and also Diedra, Katie and Kristjana