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Elizabeth Hagen Organization 102: Get Rid of your Paper Piles…Once and for All!

  • March 18, 2019
    6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

We are so excited to welcome Elizabeth Hagen back to the studio Monday, March 18th@6:00pm for the second in a series of workshops!  At the end of each workshop we will CREATE a fun project, too!  This is a great opportunity to advance to your BEST LIFE, engage with a well-known expert, and have fun doing it!  Come alone or grab some friends and come learn how to get started and how you maintain it!

Organization 102: Get Rid of your Paper Piles…Once and for All!

Have you ever paid a late charge on a bill because you couldn’t find the bill and/or forgot about it?

Has your child even missed a field trip because you forgot about the permission slip?

Have you ever purchased the perfect birthday card but when you friend’s birthday came the card was not to be found?

What about all the documents in your computer? They are ‘virtual’ paper piles!

Then Organization 102 is specifically designed for you. Even though we are supposed to be in the ‘paperless’ age we have more paper than ever. Wouldn’t you love to get rid of the piles and have a system that works? Now is your time. Elizabeth has been in the ‘organizing’ business for 19 years and knows a thing or two about getting and staying organized.

Elizabeth not only teaches easy-to-use techniques in a fun way, she motivates you to take action

After this session you will:

  • Learn the 5f Plan™ to conquer your paper piles once and for all
  • You will bring some stacks of your paper and you will be shown how to make them go ‘poof’!
  • See how a complete paper system works
  • Leave with an action plan to start to eliminate the piles physically and virtually

No More Paper Piles System:

Imagine having a home for all the papers that you keep to remind you to take some action in the future such as invitations, school forms to sign, soccer schedule to put into the calendar, etc.

Imagine what it would be like to put the paper away and on the right date it would show up to remind you! This system has arrived!

The No More Paper Piles System  includes:

  • Awesome carry box with handles to contain the Command Center
  • Accordion Tickler File (tabs for 1-31 and January through December)
  • Action Files
  • Page-up with index cards
  • Laminated 5f Plan™ Flyer

Elizabeth has pulled her system together in a perfect box so you can get started right away.  RESERVE YOUR SYSTEM TODAY to insure you receive one the day of the workshop.  (Cost: $65.00 + tax = $69.20)  You will pay for and pick up at the workshop.


PROJECT:  We will create a fun password and sign-on creative book for the family!!


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Saturday, March 23rd@10:00am:  Living Perfectly.Flawed

Reserve your spot today!


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